Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Finding the Source

Have you ever found something on Pinterest that you love, only to click on it and not be able to find out more about it. Well, I have GREAT news for you. There is a way to find the source. Say you see this cute light up snowman craft, but when you click on it to find out how to make it you end up at a dead end. The steps below will get you to the source.

1. Right click on the image
2. Click on copy image URL
3. Next go to Google images
4. Paste into the search
5. Go to end of search box and click on picture of camera
6. Paste again in new search box and hit search

You should then have more options to find the source of your image! I hope this helps you find all you need to express your creativity!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Keepin it Fresh

Hello everyone! I am sorry I have been off of the radar for so long. Since my son died two years ago I have time periods where I struggle just to cope with everyday life. I hope you can understand and have patience with me. I am hopeful that I will keep healing and improving with time.
I decided to revamp my blog and add helpful household tips to the information I will provide. I hope you like the addition!
You know those annoying hangers you get with pants when you purchase them. I usually toss them out.

Well, I wish I could take credit for discovering this, but I can't. I found this on Pinterest, but I wanted to share in case you haven't seen it. Another great use for those clips at the ends is to easily snap them off and use them to keep your chip bags sealed for freshness. Simply hold the clip with one hand and brace the hanger with the other. Then just "snap" off the end by bending it forward or backward.

I hope you will keep checking out my blog for other great tips like this one! Now we have an excuse to buy more chips. Ha ha!