Monday, May 28, 2012

Mini Succulent Gardens

Hi everyone! I have really missed your company. This post is all about my mini gardens. These are just a few of the ones I made today. I am thinking about selling them. There are endless possibilities to making them adorable!
Here is how I assemble them:
Choose succulents and container
Add layer of pea gravel to bottom
Next add layer of sand (These are both to help with drainage)
Then I place a small amount of potting soil (cacti soil) is best. This is found at garden centers.
I then place the succulents (some stepables will work as well. I prefer short plants)
Last but not least I add the mini decorations

Succulents need a lot of light, but they need little water. If placing your succulents outside, water about once a week or when soil is completely dry. Also, bring inside when outside temperatures are below 40 degrees. If keeping your mini garden indoors, water only about once every three weeks or so, and keep in the sunlight. I love miniatures, so I believe one of the best parts is finding all of the tiny decorations to place inside.
If you decide to make your own succulent garden please share pictures on my blog!

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Ran said...

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Anonymous said...

Well thank you so much. I am glad it is helpful. You are welcome to follow my blog. Just click on the "join this site" button on the top right.

Gen said...

These are so adorable with their miniature furniture! I would love to create something like this, I'll keep a lookout for mini furniture, any recommendation where to look? I was already thinking of doing a terrarium, but I must do this now!! Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gen! I have purchased items from, and also in the doll house section of our local Hobby Lobby. I think there are also other sites to purchase from online.