Monday, October 1, 2012

Heirloom End Table

I am very excited to share this project! This old table was left at my grandparent's house. It was so blaw. The one great quality it has is that the top is cut out with a piece of glass sitting in it. It was calling for me to put pictures under the glass. Here is the before:

I first sanded the top of the table and applied a walnut stain. Then I painted the legs with Annie Sloan paint. It was great because with the chalk paint there is no need to sand. Next I printed the old pictures of all of my grandparents in black and white or sepia tone. I then applied decoupage to the back of them and placed them on the top of the table. I also used a few scrapbook embellishments. Then I simply applied decoupage over the whole top, covering all of the pictures. Lastly I cleaned the glass really well and placed it on top. I am giving this to my parents as an anniversary gift, so I am really proud of it!
Even without the glass you could easily apply the photos to the top of a table as long as you protect it with the decoupage. Then you will have a great family heirloom!

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Great idea Stacie!!! May have to try this on something -
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