Thursday, January 5, 2012

The New Year!

Here is to fresh starts and a new year! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. I know we did, but I must admit it was a crazy time. I was very busy this year with baking, cooking, working on gifts, and of course visiting with my amazing family and friends. One reason I was extra busy this year is because I went a little overboard with making homemade presents. I am very eager for us to get started on some new projects that have more to do with decorating, but I am going to share one more gift idea, that if modified could easily be used to decorate your home.
My father in law is only 63 and has been in a nursing home for 14 years due to a severe stroke. We had really run out of ideas on what to get him for Christmas. I decided I would make him a collage frame of old photos, but  we realized he didn't really have any more wall space. My husband came up with the great idea of making him a place mat to put on his tray table. It is in front of him at all times, so he would always see them! I thought this was a great idea!
To do this project you need:
 Poster board cut to 11x17 (You should check with your local copy shop to see what size works best with their laminating system before beginning).
Photos you are wanting to use (Can be originals or paper copy).
A cutter (If you need to cut them straight).
Cut out embellishments (Optional)
Scrapbook tape squares to stick photos to poster board

After applying the photos the way I wanted onto the poster boards I took them to the local office supply shop and had them laminated. I had two laminated for around $6.00. A couple of tips to remember is to ask the store to leave a 1/2 in to an inch of laminate around the sides so liquid cannot seep through. Also, have them make a color copy of your boards before they laminate them. This way if you ever want another copy you will have it handy!

You could easily use images from magazines, or from online to make place mats that match your decor. Another great idea is to use pictures of your kids. They will be tickled everyday when they eat, getting to see themselves. Another idea is to use their drawings! I hope you have fun with this project, and let me know if you have any questions!

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