Thursday, June 7, 2012

Back Porch Cabinet Redo

When the back porch was emptied after my grandma died this cabinet was suppose to be put in the dumpster brought on site, but I put a not on it to leave it for a redo. I have to say this is not much of a "redo" in the traditional sense, but it is pretty much what I had in mind. We have redone the porch with mostly "nature" decor. The cabinet was in really bad shape, so I decided to do very little to it other then paint it. It was missing a glass door on the front. Most of the shelves were all bent from the weather and the back and top were caved in because they are made of that very thick cardboard. Paint was chipped off almost completely and the handles are rusted. Every part of the cabinet would have to be replaced and to me that would mean we weren't really keeping my grandparent's cabinet, so I left it almost the same.
All I did was took the other front glass door off, sanded off the rest of the excess paint and then cleaned and painted it. I even left the rusty handles. I think it actually looks pretty good considering the shape it is STILL in. Ha Ha! 
I know my grandparent's would be so happy to see all of the items we are still using in the house! I have only three small projects left in the back porch and I can show all the room makeover pictures! I can't wait to share!


Karen said...

This is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! Feel free to follow my blog!