Sunday, June 10, 2012

Recipe from Grandma

Today I am missing my grandma terribly. I can't think of a reason to miss her more today, but I just do. I decided I would share a recipe of hers that I love to make this time of year. It is her Benedictine Spread recipe. My grandmother was a wedding caterer for many, many years. She made what we called "fancy" sandwiches, which consisted of benedictine, pimento cheese, and chicken salad along with some others. Her benedictine is still my favorite!
 Here is Wikipedia's definition of Benedictine spread: Benedictine or Benedictine Spread is a condiment made with cucumbers and cream cheese.[1] It is used to make cucumber sandwiches and was invented around the turn of the 20th century by Jennie Carter Benedict, a caterer and restaurateur in Louisville, Kentucky.[2] Benedict opened her restaurant in 1893.[2] It was there that she invented and originally served benedictine. Originally used for sandwiches, benedictine has in recent years been used as a dip for chips and filling for potatoes.  I hope you enjoy this recipe.

Alice's Benedictine Spread:
1 Large Cucumber
2 Pkgs Cream Cheese (softened)
2 Tbsp yellow onion (finally chopped)
Salt to taste
Green Food Coloring
 Cut the ends off of cucumber and peel off all skin with a peeler. Cut down the middle and cut out all of the seeds. In a food processor or chopper, mix the cucumber until fine. Strain juice from cucumber and reserve a couple of tablespoons of the juice. In a medium mixing bowl mix cream cheese, finely chopped onion, cucumber, reserved juice and salt until blended well. Add drops of food coloring until light green color and blend again. Serve on bread or with crackers. White bread with benedictine is my favorite! It is the one time I will buy a loaf of plain white bread. Oh how this makes me miss my sweet grandma Alice.

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