Thursday, November 3, 2011

Celebrate Life

I had hip surgery two weeks ago. I'm unable right now to do very much physically, so I decided to share a project close to my heart. My son passed away from suicide. He was a wonderful child. I want to remember all the special things about him, and some of his possessions remind me of those things.
Here is a project you can do to celebrate the life of someone you lost or even of someone who lives. First I bought a jar at a craft shop. It was clear with a nice, silver lid. I then gathered some of my son's most precious belongings and arranged them inside. I included his iPod case, his wallet, the I.D. from where he volunteered at the YMCA, and his ball cap. He wore one every single day. I knew it would be too big to include in most shadow boxes, so that's why I chose the jar. Here is the end result, and of course a picture of my son, Ryan.

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