Sunday, November 6, 2011

Recipe Binder

I have a pretty simple project today. While I have been recuperating from my surgery, I decided to organize my recipes. They have been hidden away and all mixed up. I have written out recipes, magazine cutouts, whole magazines and ripped out pages. Basically my recipes are a total mess and it is about impossible for me to find the one I want. I decided I wanted them all in one place, but I didn't want to have to take the time to write out every recipe in a book, so I chose to make a recipe binder.

Supply List:
Cheap three ring binder with a plastic cover on the front that has an opening at the top (I bought mine at Walmart)
Plastic clear photo sheets (Hobby or craft store either in the scrapbook section, and or baseball card collectible section)
File Folder tab pages (To label categories)
Scrapbook supplies such as paper and stickers
A cutter to cut the scrapbook paper even
And of course the recipes!

To make the binder I cut two black sheets of scrapbook paper to fit down inside the plastic sleeve of the front and back of the binder. I then gathered stickers that had to do with cooking and recipes. I decorated the front sheet with the sticker. I then simply slid it into the front of the binder. I left the sheet for the back of the binder blank, but you could always decorate it as well. Then I organized my recipes by categories such as breakfast items, appetizers, desserts, etc. I put them into the plastic photo sheets and then put the sheets into the binder. Then just label your tabs and put those in as well. Now if I cut out a recipe and I don't want to write it out, I can simply put it into one of the photo sheet pockets. I can even tear out a whole magazine page and put it in one of the sheets. These also make great gifts! Here are some pictures.

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