Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Place mat Pillow

Today's project is really exciting to me because it is inexpensive, easy and turns out beautiful! It is a throw pillow made out of a place mat.

 A doubled cloth kitchen place mat of your choice.
Needle and thread that matches stitching around the place mat.
Seam ripper
Filling to stuff place mat.
These are the before pictures:

Instructions: On a bottom corner of the place mat, take your seam ripper and carefully pull apart the stitching far enough across to have room to fill with poly filling. Stuff pillow with filling and spread out inside until it is full and smooth. Then simply stitch the material back with the same color thread that was used originally. Here is the finished project. I made a Christmas pillow for probably a quarter of the price of a finished one! I hope you can make many of these for your furniture!

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