Saturday, February 18, 2012

Handles and Knobs Oh My!

I am so excited! I am always on the hunt for a good bargain. I go to the store, look at what I want and then search it out elsewhere at a cheaper price before I buy. I needed new handles for the cabinet I am working on. It has silver ones that are very dated. I wanted a copper/bronze instead, since I am going for a Tuscan feel. I love the local hardware stores, but I have to say it is crazy what they want for just one handle. It was going to cost me almost $5.00 a piece. I needed six of these things. I decided to look on Ebay. I am so glad to have discovered how cheap you can purchase handles and knobs on Ebay. I was able to get all six for only $15.00 including shipping. Half price is great to me. I maybe could have found handles even cheaper, but the bronze/copper ones tend to be more expensive. Here they are, and I can't wait to show them to you on the finished cabinet!

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