Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cabinet Update Part 1

Well, I guess I did not think it through to start on this cabinet the week before our big move to the new house. Let me just say I got the cabinet almost painted completely, but then had to stop to move, so now it is sitting on plastic almost in the center of our dining room! It is driving me crazy at this point. I so want to finish it, but unfortunately being able to walk into my kitchen right now has to be the priority. There are boxes covering every inch of this house and it is a big house!

The photo's here do not really show the brightness of the color yellow that I chose. The one showing the inside of the drawer shows the color the best. I am hoping when it is finished I can time it the right time a day to get a good shot. I will next purchase the brushed pearl and tools I need to give it the Tuscan finish. Thanks for being patient and stay tuned. When the unpacking is over I hope to have projects completed closer together.

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