Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Finished End Table Redo

I have finished the end table. This was my first experience using Annie Sloan chalk paint. I drove almost an hour to get it. I almost put it back several times because of the cost, but I am really glad I didn't.
I really wanted Antique White, but they were out. I ended up getting the color Old Ochre. In my opinion it is between a cream and light tan. I am so thrilled now that I got that color. It goes so well with my decor and I think it looks great distressed. Once again I learned so much from this project. I found I applied it too thick to some areas. This caused those areas to not dry as smooth. It still looks great, but not as good as if I had used thinner layers, and PATIENTLY waited to add more coats. The paint is thick and goes a long way. I only used about a fourth a quart for this table, which really helps justify the cost.
All I did for this table was clean it very well, paint it, distress some areas with sand paper, and then spray a matte clear protective coat. I was going to use Annie Sloan wax, but I had read on some other blogs that it is not as protective. I knew we would be sitting drinks on the table, so I opted for the polyurethane instead.
I used the wax on my wine rack I recently posted about instead. I liked the look it gave the rack, but even after several days I can still feel it. I am not sure how I feel about it yet. I will have to apply it to some other items to see how it works.
In the picture you can see that I added a dark brown basket to the bottom shelf. Also, I want to add that this paint went right over the stain with great coverage. I didn't have to sand the table whatsoever. A definite plus to me, so thumbs up to Annie Sloan paint!
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Looks good! Much better than before.

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