Thursday, March 29, 2012

More Spring Barrettes

These are the latest Easter/Spring barrettes I have made. I am starting to LOVE making these. I took the last ones I made to my nieces yesterday, and they just loved them and looked adorable in them. Like I explained in my previous barrette post, I found templates on Google Images. I simply typed in what I was looking for and they popped up. I then saved them to my computer and used photo software to re size them to what I wanted. I then cut out the felt to match, and used fabric glue to glue the felt to other felt pieces, and used Goop glue (my favorite!) to glue the felt to the barrette pieces. I hope you give it a try at making some of these. Please post back pictures of your finished work. I would love to see what you come up with!


Gen said...

Hi Stacie, I've tagged you in a blog tag, so there's 11 questions for you to answer over on my blog @ ! If you don't wish to participate that's fine, but I hope you do! Have a great day :)

Andrea said...

Those are SO cute! And I am stopping by to say thanks so much for the super sweet note you left me about my mailbox makeover! I love turning junk into something fab!
Come back again soon!